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By | August 23, 2015

PRODUCT:Commission Miner

Name: Commission Miner
Website: www.commissionminer.com
Price: 29/ month 97.00 one time Access fee
Owners: Bryan Winters
Overall Rank for Home/ Small business = 6 out of 10


Commission Miner is the latest Affiliate program from Bryan Winters
Bryan Winters Founder

Bryan Winters is reportedly one of most successful affiliate Marketer in the world. Commission. He has had success in the Affiliate market place with programs like 5 figure Day, Push Button Publishing

He has published earnings from his programs and makes many claims. He is promoting his million dollar Secret programs

Bryan success is transparent online and now he is marketing Commission Miner and sharing his $4 million formulaCOMMISON MINER

The formula is pretty simple and available

  • Promoting Product
  • Send traffic to offer
  • Focus a team of affiliates

Building a team

The opportunity is base on building an 2 tiered team

That is as you grow your affiliate market by having referrals join Commission Miner you will also earn commissions on the members that join as  member and the members that join from the new affiliate sign ups.
As example referral joins the Commission Miner program when the sign up referrals you are paid commission on that level.
This program takes the emphasis of marketing a product and focuses on building networks

Is this Multilevel

While he does not like the comparison it is not unlike Multilevel or Network Marketing. He is allowing the new affiliate to take advantage of leveraging

With this program you have the opportunity to receive autopilot income as long as the affiliate maintains the Commission Miner Relationship

Funnels/ Websites

The marketing is done by pre-existing Web site or Funnels that are only available on Commission Miner .

There are are 3 funnels

Commission Affiliate program Funnel 1
This one is to market Commission miner system
Commissions are paid at 2 levelsCOMMISSON MINER FUNNEL




Income Funnel 2

Generally require that you and others pay a fee in order to participate in the income opportunity.

That is, you have to buy the product or membership in order to also participate in the accompanying referral program / money making opportunity. One of these products is  InfoGoRound.com online content service. Which is Part of Brian Winters online companies

They are called “free offer” income funnels for two reasons… Firstly, you and others don’t have to pay anything extra to participate in the affiliate income opportunities associated with these sites. Most sites that pay you on the sales made by your referrals require that you order the product in order to also participate in the affiliate income opportunity, but you’re able to promote these offers for free (without being a customer).

Funnel 3

These funnels are just like Type 2’s (as described above), with the exception that they generally require that you and others pay a fee in order to participate in the income opportunity. That is,affiliates have to buy the product or membership in order to also participate in the accompanying referral program / money making opportunity.

Here are some of my  thoughts on this program and its benefit to any one looking to create Home based business or add Income to current Home business

The Good:

PRO #1 f

This can be a good  program any one who wants to jump into a program and just go this is turnkey Funnels are all designed for you. You can be up and running in a very short period of time

PRO #2

Training and guidance are available by online seminar there are very detailed and many videos are  available
There is also a members form and through the the forum many on going questions are answered.

PRO #3

There is free for 30 day Trial period for new people to try out the program and learn.

Pro # 4

Compensation  Program

The compensation program of pay past the first level is very attractive as it uses leverage paying for members you refer and the members they refer. The back end is all in place to pay out on this complex type of payment system

The cons

CON #1
The commission Miner affiliate program is promoting a product Commission Miner  on a funnel 1 / website where you are only identified as affiliate link .

While the system claims it is great for newbie it does not encourage your own brand unless you have set up Web site and have a existing presence
If you build the program the way it is taught you will have email list for respondents that you can build on for other opportunities but the question comes do you actually own that list of contacts you generate.
CON #2
While they claim you can build your network of contacts by blogs emails and web site referrals they
They Recommend getting involved with
Email Swipe campaigns
Adwords marketing
Banner advertising
Facebook advertising

Pay per click
You Figure out asap what you can afford to spend per month on running paid ads, like solo ads and banner ads

This area is where you will be encouraged to spend money and the options are bewildering. You really need to look into what is the best option for you and create a long term game plan.

Many options are presented to you and there is even a private market place where you can participate in Coop Share programs . These lessen the cost of the marketing but are unknown entities

Bryan Winters explanation of why you would want to start on these programs is good but it can be really difficult determining which one to choose.

The cost of  these programs are on the affiliate.This area need special care because a ill advised  email / online ad program  can be expensive if mishandled


Upon review  this is a solid program but I would advise that any one should gain expertise  before  committing to the monthly fee.

If you are  looking for online expertise that will help you build your brand  and give you knowledge  click on  my Wealthy Affiliate review

I  am not one to use the word scam. Commission Miner is not a scam. The compensation program is attractive  but it will take a concentrated plan requiring expertise in ad campaigns  to build email lists  to continually grow

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