How to get Keyword rankings a Review of Jaxxy Keyword Tool

By | January 17, 2016

Name: Jaxxy
Price: $US 19 /MONTH Keyword Research tools

Look for an excellent tool to develop a profitable online presence.

Look for an excellent tool to develop a profitable online presence.

Owners: Kyle
Overall Rank:80 out of 100


In any business, the use of tools is essential for success. In the online E-biz world, rankings are crucial and are based on keyword content. Keywords are your path to success, and entire businesses are build off of the foundation of solid Keyword research.  They allow you to connect to your audience across all mediums

Here is a review of  one of the best Advanced Keyword Tool

Jaxxy and offers many features that serious online entrepreneurs can use.

The most significant is allowing you know the competition that a keyword or phrase has in the search engines.

This data is critical. Otherwise, you can run blind and not targeting your online and offline business audience.

Jaaxy was created for Internet Businesses, Local Marketing Companies, Search Engine Marketers, Internet Marketers, and Affiliate Marketers. It allows for Keyword rank monitoring in real time over many sites and online profiles.

Research is the key

Ebiz Strategist reviews Jaxxy Keyword Research tool

Here is an example of Keywords analysis information for keyword rank monitoring

Jaxxy is set up to allow you to search in many different ways and provides accurate up to the minute results.

Results are presented as:
AVG: Average number of searches per month
QSR: Quoted Search Results are Number of competing websites ranked in Google for the keyword
KQI: Colour indicator of the Keyword
Traffic: Visits your site can expect if listed on the first page
SEO: Score based on traffic and competition. The higher the score, the more likely that the keyword will rank on the first-page image, i.e., screen print
Related: Jaxxy presents other relevant keywords to help with research

Saving data

All your searches may be saved to lists that you create. They can then be downloaded as CSV file to Excel or Google Docs


The site offers training  for developing High traffic Low Competition Keywords


Brainstorming                Domain Search

Relevant Keywords          Competition Analysis

Affiliate Program Search

Site ranking

This area allows you to test your site by keywords by using   Site Analysis (SERP reverse engineering)

Who is Jaxxy for
SEO companies               Pay per click marketers
Affiliate marketers          Local businesses
Keyword companies        Domain owners and buyers
Site Flippers                       Niche marketers

I believe this is one of the most complete research tools. If used  properly  by serious online entrepreneurs it will  help to create opportunities online

Jaxxy offers a  free account with a free trial at  Jaxxy

I have given some experiences on my blog  Online Content strategy.





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