MLM- My Lousy Mistakes Making Money from Home Based Business

By | June 10, 2015

M.L,M   Many Lousy Mistakes

I have always wanted a business of my  own where I could run from Home with the ability to work it anywhere 

Working from a home based business

Working from a home based business


I have always been intrigued with  the multilevel type marketing, the idea  of duplication is a really powerful draw


I don’t know how many programs I have looked at and even enrolled in,

I am still involved  with 1 or 2  because I really like the products.


I have found that the growth of a home business like this is always stymied. Everyone will tell me to invite Friends and relatives into either be in business me or support me by buying product

Unfortunately,  I have found out that  this is a very limited  marketplace, and some cases it was embarrassing as the Products were or a  higher price  when all of the  factors were included.

Revenue through Product movement

Revenue has to be  generated  by  Product movement to make sure  that it is not a  pyramid scam and legitimate 

The one biggest area of product movement is the personal use of the product.

This makes sense you are in  a business,  so yes you should be using your own product.

But with turnover so high  how do you KEEP THE REVENUE FLOWING. You can’t buy enough and if you are  struggling what about your group 

The market strategy needed  to create a volume of customers or interested parties on a regular consistent timeline to maintain growth as  most organizations shrink and grow all the time.

Small Business  Growth

I have a  small business  Its sales growth started with simple phone contacts to show my willingness to help potential customers find solutions  to their problems

The second growth came from referrals as happy people told their friends about how I could help  them.The real epiphany came in my own business was when I realized  that  when someone phoned me , I was successful  90% of the time in making  a sale.

Why did they call? They were motivated by a problem or issue  

The problem there was how to generate the phone calls because I was always too busy tending to the day to day tasks of the business.

The issue with MLM is that  the contact was  cold and it always felt like I was a bit of a scam artist and process was one to one It did not allow multi ways to generate the interest required 

It was very clear to me later that I needed to market to a large mass of people.

The marketing would be directed at the ones that were hopefully looking  and motivated because they found me and had interest. 

Finding these ones is very difficult  especially if you are in a job day to day and no other system

One thing  if for sure it takes much more time than is ever   2- 5 hrs a week  doing presentations or home parties

Much of the growth of someMLM I’m sad to say  from groups moving over  from other MLM groups.

This can be very discouraging factor for a  the new person who is trying grow a business

One of the other issues has been  in some cases it was the  sales of Tapes or media and, seminars  were where  the money was generated and that revenue stream was not available to all

MLM market is not dead and continues to grow  with each one offering the best plan for success

Can you succeed in MLM or in an online business 

I believe anyone can but your chances  are much better if the program you  are looking at allows for personal online marketing strategies

You must be able to market online effectively. I was never taught how to do that.

Even better you  must be able to help someone else do the same thing

The new world of online

The world has changed  and as fast as you contact someone person to person they have another person telling them something else

It seems to me that if you have access to the world with targeted marketing and  knowledge and expertise on how to generate the interest your chances of success is going to grow

The beauty of this approach that once mastered solid strategies you can market that any product line or service.

People are looking  in greater numbers

All you need to do is check the internet for Home business opportunities  the response is huge

the opportunities  are endless in the EBiz world with the knowledge   I  particularly like the Affiliate market especially in B2B sector

The Communicator

In my small business, I was  a communicator broker We are communicators and in the broadest senses we are really in the communication Business if  the  world  of  EBiz

You only need to  look online to see that there billions of lookers that is a far cry away from my MLM contact list

The secret is knowledge and creating a presence that  draws traffic and customers to  you.

With that as your basis, any opportunity  is available

The opportunities  are endless in the EBiz world with knowledge   

I  particularly like the Affiliate market especially in B2B sector  B2B or business to Business  is extremely open to allow  individuals access to commissions  if they can show results.

So before my MLM friends all ditch me, let me say  the success of any online or  regular business  is in a solid knowledge of  basics.

Marketing and nowadays online Marketing is one of the primary basics. If you don’t  have it you will struggle in any endeavor

I have always  looked for partner relationships because I knew I did not have all the answers.  

If you are reading this and you  have struggled  maybe you  should look into a partnership. One of the best  I have found is actually free to start  

With ongoing support and solid basics the opportunity to be  profitable is greatly enhanced 

If you have had some experiences or  frustrations I would love to hear from  drop me a comment or email me 



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