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By | December 6, 2015

If you ever wanted to start a business on the internet or market your business on the internet the first thing going to find out is you need quality content for a website or online advertising.

Content is on pages, blogs, or any contact you have with the public. It will be what will make your online marketing efforts a success

The reality in a small business is that content idea is going to be generated by you as the small business owner. That is because you are the only one who knows what the result.

You can employ people to write the content, but the writers of the content will ask the owner for the ideas to start.

If you create content on  a website you want to make sure that will get to the people who are looking to find your site to and your business

Definition of a Keyword

A keyword, in the context of search engine optimization, is a particular word or phrase that describes the contents of a Web page. Keywords are intended to act as shortcuts that sum up an entire page. Keywords form part of a Web page’s metadata and help search engines match a page to with an appropriate search query.
Keywords are for rankings, and Serp and keywords will help your website develop into a profitable.

Understanding keyword  and  SERP analysis are your backbones, and  you can learn with help

I have created websites now for my online business and our home business,  I started with no  experience.

Creating content Online help with

To get real traction in the E- commerce world you need to develop a following and this is where relevant content is key.

If you want to write a page or a blog, or simply wish to write an email, you can develop your content with strategy especially if you are working with right tools

Tools  are the method that google and bing search out content and rank
You can look at this video from my associates at Wealth Affiliates. They explain the importance of content and Keyword research.

This information will help you to master the content issue and even if you choose to have your content written.

So if you want to   look into  a  real life example

Try this

Let”s say you would like to buy some Pottery

You will see many images, but it is broad, so you want to find someone in your area, so you filter with a keyword phrase like find pottery in Chilliwack BC

Now let’s say you have a pottery business website, and you want people to find you.

How will they look for you what is the phrase they will use
Well maybe it would be “Pottery in a city ” or Pottery by a name of the artist or Handmade Pottery
If Google finds your business by these phrases or other words because of your content you have on your webs site, it is a result of indexing or SERP, and you have used a measurable keyword in your content.

Real example

My first website I built I needed content for my wife’s pottery business. We had set up a Home Gallery is based on our property, and we would like folks to and see her creations and visit the show Room

I discovered keywords and built the content so the site could be ranked. My results were between first and second page for the site when tested with keywords you can check out the site at

I was totally new at this but found some good partners and used tools to help me.

Another pottery example:

My wife makes a line of Wool bowls, and we wanted to feature them. I found that the keyword wool bowel was not ranking that high.

I then changed it to YARN BOWLS  and my post ranked quite high I found that on A

I also found that changing the keyword to  Yarn bowls for knitting the searches were the same, but  fewer websites to compete against

here is some of the research I   was able to find as a newbie creating a website

My Keyword  What is  a Yarn Bowl

I found

 Searches per month   2921

Number of Competing websites  16

Estimated traffic to your site

if you rank first page   497

Number of competing webs sites  16

These results guide the content as you know they are positive and  measurable

I use these examples to show that you can check and evaluate any keyword for phrase based on any product or services that you would like to market.

What’s the sense of writing compelling content on a blog or website page but nobody can find it because of no ranking where people are looking.

Keyword tools

You can find keyword tools on the internet, The simplest way known is the alphabet.

Type your keyword and then add “A” to the end of it and google will bring up all of he searches

Tools like Google adword analysis will give you an idea of how a keyword is posting.

They give you some ideas as to where to work toward to create useful content that people are searching

One of the best tools I have found is a  site called Jaxxy.

It is tool that   provides Keyword analysis,

Alphabet soup

Your results will give you Average number of searches in a month

QSR ( Quality Search results)  showing number Competing  websites

It will also give you traffic results so that if you page or blog is ranked it will estimate how much traffic you an expect

You can create lists  of keywords for campaigns

This tool  information is invaluable for you or your content writer to make sure you are the right track

One of the great features is Site ranking that you can check to see exactly where your page is ranking based on the keyword.

Creating content is crucial to an E-Biz strategy. Learning about it and the associated analysis tools will make your business grow online.

You can get more information by going to  Create a profitable website 

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