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By | June 12, 2016

Most of my communication has been in the business world.

It quickly became apparent that it was incumbent on me to be accurate.

I have always been in the sales area, so the image of the company was on the line at all times.  

Most proofreading of emails or sales literature were covered by administrative assistants. 

The reality in most small to medium business there are no luxuries like of an executive assistant to proofread our email or correspondence. They can use a free proofreading software progrm 

In today’s business environment anyone can send out anything, and sadly there is no real good way to proofread what is going out.

Communication has exploded, but the implications of poor text communications are still as troublesome as they were years ago. 

Online help with

Every one in the EBiz world can use the help. When Writing content, there are Tools available


We are judged on our written word in the business community. 

Our credibility is in jeopardy in anything we write 

In the e-biz world, text communications are crucial

I can’t tell you how many times I have written an article or posted a web page or even sent an email only look back in horror errors in punctuation in spelling and mistakes in simple grammar

Proofreading anything is difficult and is usually done by someone else. What do you do when you don’t have anyone to help.


Tools are the answer

I am a gadget fan.  I am alway looking for a tool that will help to make a  task easier or done better 

I have a large yard, and the first tool we invested in was a ride on lawn mower. 

Why?The reality is that the job gets done and does not take all my life up keeping a half acre of lawn manicured.  

 In the business day, we are using every day.  I think the best way to evaluate them is by time saving or loss of revenue

I have found Grammarly as my editing tool. It is like have a virtual assistant with me at all time 

It works with all of the type content I do.

I use it at work in Emails and word documents in my office editing Outlook docs and email 

It will also edit in Word press as you build blogs or pages 

One of the best features is the tool works with Word Press

One of the best features is the tool works with Word Press

 It will correct or make suggestions throughout the document in real time.







For those materials that don’t allow the app to work, like Google docs just create or  drop the document int My Grammarly  and have it edited

My Grammarly

Set up and edit documents in My Grammarly or drop an unedited file in to be proofread.


The app is free with excellent limited functionality.

There is an in-app purchase that offers many features not available


There is an in-app purchase that offers many features not available that allows activation of apps  

Grammarly for Chrome

Grammarly for Windows

Grammarly for Microsoft Office: Grammarly  loads into  MS office and edits emails as  while typing

You can open your free account here or by clicking on the  logo below

More E-Biz tools  that  can help any online business 

For Document Creation

Google docs
Microsoft word
Google Analytics

 For Image programs



Video Programs

YouTube channel or Screenamtics

Web hosting;

Wealthy Affiliates, check it out for a free website


Google mail

Microsoft Outlook

Wix email
Mail chimp  for email promo programs 
Printing: vista print


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